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Aidpage Open Letter: What people face everyday

sandy6 started this conversation

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Christine Gregoire, Governor of Washington;
US Senators from Washington: Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray;
US Representatives from Washington: Adam Smith, Brian Baird, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, David G. Reichert, Doc Hastings, Jay Inslee, Jim McDermott, Norman D. Dicks, Rick Larsen;

I would like to start to say thank you Mr.President,For thinking about the low income and the middle class, I wish we had more to give but we don't,It has come down to what can we afford gas to go to a Doctor, Can't even pay co-pays ,food, medications, Their just isn't enough money to pay for these things.I tried to get a grant to fix my home , Because are insurance company denied are claim , I tried the insurance commissioner and he said he sided with the insurance company. I have Toxic mold in my home, it's not our  fault this happened . We hired people to fix it and just had more problems, We are now on Social Security, fought for about 8 years.

Because we have put alot of our money into our home , when we were able to work, But now we are old , sick,and can't do the things we use to do ,and it's a mobile home,I tried to  get help But could not get any help from Snap, hud , fema,epa and many others I have way over a 1000 e-mails, letters, out there,they tell me their isn't anything  in grants that can help us ,I have had two  boughts of cancer, my husband had a stroke, my son has asthma, but yet the Rich can get Grants,


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I have read some of your post , trying to stay in touch with all of you on open letters ,I want everyone to know ,that it is going to take alot of work to make our Representatives listen to all of us,their are so many people who are having problems.please don't give up hope, If you have to contact news stations do it we all need to get a message out there.
Keep the faith and god bless all of you
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